…about me

I am one of the luckiest men on Earth since I already knew in my early childhood what I wanted to become. At the age of 5 I made it clear to my parents that I wanted to be a cellist. I haven't regretted this decision since then. I was born and raised in a classical musician family so reading and understanding music was the most natural thing in the world for me. Due to my family background I got the best classical musical education but besides all I have always been attracted to other types of music as well. When I was a teenager I grew passion for rock and heavy metal and as years passed I started to turn my interest towards jazz, fusion and crossover, later towards electronic music.

I graduated from Franz Liszt Academy of Music in 2005 as a cello artist and teacher, then I studied the bass guitar for two years at MZTSZ School of Jazz in Hungary. My school years were professionally really rewarding, I had the chance to encounter and play with numerous brilliant musicians and I could profit from these relationships later in my career. During this period I joined various formations such as Fugato Orchestra (symphonic jazz-rock orchestra) with which we were in the world final in the Austrian Band Contest as the best Hungarian band in 2009. My other formation, FeleKirályság (Half of my Kingdom), emerged from this orchestra and we arrange the soundtracks of cartoons and movies from our childhood in several styles. I also play in InFusion Trio where we interpret well-known electronic and pop hits of today with the help of three synchronizedlooper pedals.

Since 2006 I have been the leading cellist of Ernst von Dohnányi Symphonic Orchestra where I had the chance to perform orchestral solos as well as concertos and I could also put crossover performances on stage. I have been playing the electric (silent) cello since 2008. I started to search for the possibilities provided by the electric nature of my instrument and have created compositions and transcriptions in a unique tone in a way that is understandable and consumable for the non-professional audience, too. I also started to deal with looping which opened a whole new world for me full of new potentials. Very soon I became a fanatic of looping which was strengthened by all the positive feedback I got from the audience. In 2011 I won second prize in the European Roland Boss Loop Contest.

The aim of all of my formations, adaptations and songs is that the audience regardless from age and musical taste could turn its interest towards the music I adore so much.

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